In Sweden and internationally, Lika Olika offers training for companies, schools, municipalities and associations which brings people together and allows them to focus on common goals. Our work is about creating a sustainable and tolerant environment which incorporates a sense of openness and community for all.

We train large groups with hundreds of participants. This includes:

  • Work on values (corporate)
  • Activity days (municipalities)
  • Theme days (schools)
  • Training days (associations)

We also offer support and coaching for individuals and small groups. This includes:

  • Conflict management for both individuals and groups
  • Strategic processes for smaller groups or departments
  • Procedural work on changing attitudes, jargon and methods of approach for individuals and groups whether large or small
  • Conversational assistance for managers and employees

The Lika Olika method

All our work is based on the Lika Olika method, which equips participants with practical tools tailored to individual business activities. The aim is to strengthen the group as a whole by reducing intolerance and ill health among its individuals. Our method provides the insight, knowledge and tools which allow individuals – whether children or adults – to take personal responsibility in situations where discrimination and exclusion occur.

The Lika Olika method provides tools

Instead of just talking about values, equality, integration and togetherness, many people are ready to take action. The simple question is how. The Lika Olika method provides tools for this. It is concerned, for example, with how we:

  • talk with rather than about other people
  • handle jargon, attitudes and prejudices
  • change a negative approach to a positive one
  • include those who are different to ourselves
  • turn ‘us and them’ into simply ‘us’
  • rebuild relationships
  • handle stress
  • give feedback

In just three years, Lika Olika has had the pleasure of training and coaching more than sixty primary and secondary schools, thirty municipalities and twenty major companies.

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